How Did I Make Money Online

How Did I Make Money Online

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Lately, I’ve been thinking how usual day to day, “nine to five” jobs have perished. Why is this? Optimists would say that we yearned for a change. This is because we are fed up with the structure that disabled us from thriving creatively. They would say: “Fixed working hours and repetitive operations are ways of the past. We are now free to nurture our creativity and have more free time. Even love our jobs.” It appears that we are now free to choose our working hours like by freelancing or by working from home. Isn’t that exciting?


With the flourishing of social media and thus with enhanced applications like SnapChat, Skype, Whatsapp and similar communication channels, new professions have come to be more and more popular. Web designers are free to freelance, even architects, journalists, and others. Makeup artists, photographers, and models use social media to promote their work. Handmade art is quite popular online and is sold far more often this way than when displayed in stores. Paintings, jewelry, vases, and other stuff.

However, I don’t believe things got easier when it comes to doing business.

The way we do it just changed, and I’m saying this from my experience. Namely, less than a year ago I started teaching French. My mom is French, and I was born in Paris. That is where I spent my early childhood, so my level of knowledge of this language is quite high.

Last December, I advertised on a free-lancer site, offering classes to both kids and adults in my town. I only wrote my email and my phone number, saying that I speak it fluently and would like to teach.


What came as a surprise is that a lot of people responded to my ad, but from other English-speaking states, asking if I taught via Skype.

So, Internet did make my job flourish, as now I have more students that I teach on Skype than in person. The payments are not tricky at all, as Paypal is now available. The thing is that the quantity of work has increased now, I work long hours, but it is kind of my choice. No one is beating me on the head and making me work more.

Invest some money (also online), and I found a thing called binary options. It’s something like the stock market, but you don’t need to buy the assets, only predict their dynamics. If you want to learn more click here. It isn’t as complicated I just don’t have time to explain it, and I don’t have to because it is all explained quite nicely.

All in all, my advice is: “be your boss” but be prepared to work more and rely only on yourself. The Internet has helped me earn money and now I have where to invest it safely.

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