What Are The Binary Options?

What Are The Binary Options?

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I am regular internet user. I read the news on it, I play games on it, and I also read a lot of stuff via web. A lot of that stuff is those complimentary articles about something that no one ever heard about it. Honestly, it makes me sick of those articles because I think that those kinds of writings are just well paid commercial. But I was wrong because I never thought that I would someday write one of those commercial, and I am not ever paid. On a serious note, I was wrong because I did not know how the online reviews function.


They are just experiences of people with some things that they liked or disliked. People do that because they want to help people.

And that is why I want to help people by sharing my experience with binary options. This thing isn’t a new one because I heard about before and I heard from my friends some god things as well. But a lot of people still don’t have a clue what are binary options.

Maybe that is the reason why I am writing this because I looked at them and tried them out, and I want to share my experience.


The first thing I liked about them is the similarity with the basketball betting I do from time to time. If you did not gamble on the NBA games before, let me explain. Like in any gambling match you can place a bet on some team.

The index for betting is less if you gamble on the favorites, and the index is bigger if you bet on the outsiders. However, you can have bigger index if you bet with the basket difference. If you bet that the Cavaliers will beat Bulls with +9 differences, the index is 1.85. If you invest 100 dollars, you will get 185 dollars.

Sometimes that can be bad because if Cavaliers win with +8, you will lose the bet. There are smaller and bigger indexes, but 1.85 index is similar to the binary options. Every investment has the same index, plus chances to invest correctly are bigger and better.

These trade options are guessing the performance of some financial asset or share, like on the Wall Street stock market. If you ever thought about finding some Wall Street app for your Android, or if you ever thought to buy shares online, I advise you to stop searching and just use these options.

All you need to know about it is if you guess correctly you will earn some good money. How does it work you ask? Well, when you see some asset, and you think you can guess its performance, then you have to click on one of the two possible options.

You can put the CALL option if you think that asset will grow, or put the PUT option if you think that the asset will go down. That is the basics of them. If you want to learn more about robots, brokers, strategies, and other binary options concepts http://top10binarydemo.com/.

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How I Make Money Online On A Daily Basis

How I Make Money Online On A Daily Basis

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Until recently, I had many doubts about trading over the Internet. The thing is, even shopping over the internet was out of the question because I thought this type of payment was prone to fraud. However, till this day I haven’t had any problems with online payment or receiving money. You just have to make sure that the transactions are verified by checking if the site has a certificate that ensures safe payment.


For example, when I wanted to get rid of some furniture, clothes, and pretty useless ornaments when I redid my house, I posted an ad online to see if anyone could use the stuff. So, I set a pretty affordable price and posted my offer online. As I had seen, no yard sale was required.

I just had to post nicely looking photos of the stuff I was selling on a site that dealt with selling and buying second-hand clothes, furniture, and other stuff online. Also, a year ago, I started receiving money online on a weekly basis. The thing is, I started teaching English to kids in Japan online. In general, you can make good money if you can work long hours and you do your best.

This is because reviews mean everything, meaning, how your students grade your classes depends on how many others you’ll have in the future and also what is the cost of your lessons. You start with twenty-minute lessons, and the money you make is quite low, but if your references are good, as well as your reviews, you advance by doing more hours, longer lessons and having more students.


As time went by, I started spending more and more time online. Honestly, I believe everything is now better done online. Marketing, regarding advertising your product or services, is best done on the web, via social media, and it is also the cheapest way.

Also, I started trading online. As I had a degree in Finance and Accounting, I looked up this thing called binary options to make some extra cash.

I’m 44 now, and I have had quite a few jobs, none connected what-so-ever with the things I learned during my studies. Anyway, it did pay off to have some knowledge about the topic before I got into online trading.

Binary options are predicting the outcome or how will some financial assets vary. You can predict the rising or fall value of commodities, stocks or even currencies, and then calculate how much you’d gain or lose on the spot if you guess the dynamics of change. Just make sure to hire a regulated broker and do some researches before you go into it.

You can read about binary trading on Wikipedia.

All in all, I enjoy spending and earning money online because it’s fast and the sources of income are diverse. So, it is never too late to start joining in and learning about new technologies and even make some money off of it.

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