What Are The Binary Options?

What Are The Binary Options?

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I am regular internet user. I read the news on it, I play games on it, and I also read a lot of stuff via web. A lot of that stuff is those complimentary articles about something that no one ever heard about it. Honestly, it makes me sick of those articles because I think that those kinds of writings are just well paid commercial. But I was wrong because I never thought that I would someday write one of those commercial, and I am not ever paid. On a serious note, I was wrong because I did not know how the online reviews function.


They are just experiences of people with some things that they liked or disliked. People do that because they want to help people.

And that is why I want to help people by sharing my experience with binary options. This thing isn’t a new one because I heard about before and I heard from my friends some god things as well. But a lot of people still don’t have a clue what are binary options.

Maybe that is the reason why I am writing this because I looked at them and tried them out, and I want to share my experience.


The first thing I liked about them is the similarity with the basketball betting I do from time to time. If you did not gamble on the NBA games before, let me explain. Like in any gambling match you can place a bet on some team.

The index for betting is less if you gamble on the favorites, and the index is bigger if you bet on the outsiders. However, you can have bigger index if you bet with the basket difference. If you bet that the Cavaliers will beat Bulls with +9 differences, the index is 1.85. If you invest 100 dollars, you will get 185 dollars.

Sometimes that can be bad because if Cavaliers win with +8, you will lose the bet. There are smaller and bigger indexes, but 1.85 index is similar to the binary options. Every investment has the same index, plus chances to invest correctly are bigger and better.

These trade options are guessing the performance of some financial asset or share, like on the Wall Street stock market. If you ever thought about finding some Wall Street app for your Android, or if you ever thought to buy shares online, I advise you to stop searching and just use these options.

All you need to know about it is if you guess correctly you will earn some good money. How does it work you ask? Well, when you see some asset, and you think you can guess its performance, then you have to click on one of the two possible options.

You can put the CALL option if you think that asset will grow, or put the PUT option if you think that the asset will go down. That is the basics of them. If you want to learn more about robots, brokers, strategies, and other binary options concepts http://top10binarydemo.com/.

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How Did I Make Money Online

How Did I Make Money Online

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Lately, I’ve been thinking how usual day to day, “nine to five” jobs have perished. Why is this? Optimists would say that we yearned for a change. This is because we are fed up with the structure that disabled us from thriving creatively. They would say: “Fixed working hours and repetitive operations are ways of the past. We are now free to nurture our creativity and have more free time. Even love our jobs.” It appears that we are now free to choose our working hours like by freelancing or by working from home. Isn’t that exciting?


With the flourishing of social media and thus with enhanced applications like SnapChat, Skype, Whatsapp and similar communication channels, new professions have come to be more and more popular. Web designers are free to freelance, even architects, journalists, and others. Makeup artists, photographers, and models use social media to promote their work. Handmade art is quite popular online and is sold far more often this way than when displayed in stores. Paintings, jewelry, vases, and other stuff.

However, I don’t believe things got easier when it comes to doing business.

The way we do it just changed, and I’m saying this from my experience. Namely, less than a year ago I started teaching French. My mom is French, and I was born in Paris. That is where I spent my early childhood, so my level of knowledge of this language is quite high.

Last December, I advertised on a free-lancer site, offering classes to both kids and adults in my town. I only wrote my email and my phone number, saying that I speak it fluently and would like to teach.


What came as a surprise is that a lot of people responded to my ad, but from other English-speaking states, asking if I taught via Skype.

So, Internet did make my job flourish, as now I have more students that I teach on Skype than in person. The payments are not tricky at all, as Paypal is now available. The thing is that the quantity of work has increased now, I work long hours, but it is kind of my choice. No one is beating me on the head and making me work more.

Invest some money (also online), and I found a thing called binary options. It’s something like the stock market, but you don’t need to buy the assets, only predict their dynamics. If you want to learn more click here. It isn’t as complicated I just don’t have time to explain it, and I don’t have to because it is all explained quite nicely.

All in all, my advice is: “be your boss” but be prepared to work more and rely only on yourself. The Internet has helped me earn money and now I have where to invest it safely.

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The More Complex Binary Options Strategies

The More Complex Binary Options Strategies

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You heard about the binary options, and you are pleased with what you saw, but you are still uncertain about giving it a go. Or you tried it, but you want a bigger challenge. Well, in both cases we were present you today few strategies from which you can deal with binary options. There are available strategies that are simpler than these, but as I said already if you want a challenge, check them out.


One of the most respected and, some might say, the most difficult strategy there is out there.

It is called the Risk reversal strategy. It has high regards among practiced traders around the world. The goal is to decrease the danger factor connected with the binary options trade and make the odds great for good result and outcome of the trade.

You need to put both options at the same time on the same share. This is particularly helpful when dealing with the resources with variable standards.

Of course, that binary option can practice only two likely results and deal two conflicting guessing instead of only one asset, assures us that we will have one certain winning from this operation. The profit is certain, but the loss is certain as well, so the problem with this strategy is that you don’t know how much you will win and how much you will lose. If you are on the positive not at the end of the day, after you used this strategy, you are the winner.


The next one that we will discuss is the Hedging strategy. It is similar to the previous one, and it is also called the Pairing strategy.

This one has the idealistic scenario of ensuring your investment by placing both options on the asset. The outcome of this strategy is to be happy with the profit at the end and with the lack of worries whether you will earn some cash or not.

This outcome is often called in the money result, and it is regular among traders who are dealing with massive companies that are using binary options trade. So, while you are protecting your assets, you are safe.

The third one which we will discuss now is the one who think that they are nerds. I consider myself as a nerd as well, and I think that this is the right one. This strategy that is called the Fundamental analysis is just simple research. With this strategy, you have to get the better understanding of all elements of the trade. You will have to learn the history of the asset, its performance, reports, other factors, etc… In essence, you are reviewing the asset, and you are getting to know it. And after you learn there is a need to know about it, you decide what your next step is, whether you will place a CALL option or PUT option on it. As I said earlier, if you consider yourself as a nerd this strategy won’t be a problem for you.

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